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We are a group of experienced web developers and consultants, specialized in providing custom web based solutions and mobile applications for businesses and individuals.
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Our products comprise of websites showcasing corporate profiles, websites for educational institutions, E-commerce portals, and business-tailored applications, in different industries including engineering, medical field, insurance, real-estate, recruitment, event organizing, and non-governmental work.

Traffic Management, Governmental Organization

Lebanon, 2017

SMC Mobile Application, Specialized Medical Center

KSA, 2016

Imperious Mobile Application, Facility Management

Lebanon, 2016

Presiding Solutions, Consultancy & CSR

Jordan / KSA / Iraq / UK / USA, 2016

AUB Theater Initiative, Theater

Lebanon, 2016

Blinds2fit, Interior/Exterior Blinds

Lebanon, 2016

Aspired State, Advertising Agency  

Lebanon, 2015

Healthy Happy Us, Nutrition Counseling

Lebanon, 2016

Diet World, Nutrition

KSA - 2016

Umbrella With Dee, Life & Wellness

Lebanon / UAE / Belguim - 2016

Ubiq, Finance

Lebanon -Turkey, 2015

SEP, Online Portal

UAE, 2015

Quantum, Development

Lebanon, 2015

Meaco, Medical

Bahrain, 2015

Greenkey, Facility Management

Nigeria, 2015

Clinic Twenty One, Creative Agency

Lebanon, 2014

Swan Group, Healthcare Coverage

Lebanon, 2014

Rawiya Editions, Publishing House & Literary Agent

Lebanon, 2014

FootballShop, Sportswear

Lebanon, 2014

Spectrum, Engineering & Architecture

Lebanon, 2014

SIA, Insurance

Lebanon, 2014

QNBN, IT & Telecom

Qatar, 2012

TASK, Engineering & Architecture

Lebanon, 2014

Maya Eltal, Fashion

Lebanon, 2013

Lelilas, Flower Lounge

Lebanon, 2013

Ibsin, Medical

Lebanon, 2013

Home Depot, Home Decoration

Lebanon, 2014

Dr. Ghassan Azar, Medical

Lebanon, 2013

Freikeh, Residential Community

Lebanon, 2012

Carla’s Good Food, Food & Beverages

Lebanon, 2014

AEO, Engineering & Architecture

Lebanon, 2013

Traffic Management
Governmental Organization

Official website of the traffic management governmental organization in Lebanon.

SMC Mobile Application
Specialized Medical Center

The Specialized Medical Center Hospital over the years has evolved to become a SYMBOL OF TRUST in the Kingdom. Located in the heart of Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia, the Specialized Medical Center Hospital with its three towers has become one of the modern landmarks in the Kingdom since its inception in 1999.

Imperious Mobile Application
Facility Management

Imperious Facility Management is a full service facility management and maintenance services company. It offers a variety of services ranging from general maintenance and repairs, to cleaning, pest control, landscaping, finishing, electro-mechanical works, and many others.

Presiding Solutions
Consultancy & CSR

PRESIDING Solutions, is one of the world’s leading consultancy firms and part of an international group headquartered in the UK with operational branches in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

AUB Theater Initiative

The Theater Initiative at AUB is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, students and artists who promote courses in directing, acting, playwriting, theater history and the performing arts and facilitate plays, theater research and theatrical projects at AUB, in the Middle East and internationally.

Interior/Exterior Blinds

Blinds2fit is a leading innovative group of experts communicating with clients through a smart website. We are committed to provide unmatched services and products, and automate your living space.

Aspired State
Advertising Agency  

Great minds think alike. At Aspired State, we all share an obsessive mindset that compels us to perfectionism.

Healthy Happy Us
Nutrition Counseling

Whether you’re a food lover, a breastfeeding mother, an athlete or anyone looking to take charge of your health, you have found the right team to help you reach YOUR goals.

Diet World

Diet World helps you lose weight and much more. We’re here to help you enjoy a new lifestyle brimming with good health and energy.

Umbrella With Dee
Life & Wellness

Why ‘UR umbrella?’ An umbrella is defined as a cover that protects you from both the rain and sun. When carrying one, you have full control on how to weather UR life through the sunniest of days or the rainiest of nights.

Online Portal
Facility Management
Clinic Twenty One
Creative Agency
Swan Group
Healthcare Coverage
Rawiya Editions
Publishing House & Literary Agent
Engineering & Architecture

Spectrum was founded in 1974 to deliver the best engineering services to international clients.
Our main focus is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the provision of sound engineering and architectural services. We provide specialist consultancy services to the manufacturing Industry.


SIAssistance (Swan International Assistance) previously known as Mideast Assistance is an international travel insurance company that offers travelers around the world a variety of reliable insurance and assistance services to make their trip as pleasant as it can be.

IT & Telecom

QNBN is an initiative launched by the Qatari government to deploy a national fiber optic network, in line with its Qatar National Vision 2030. Edgineers developed an informational online portal for the project that’s set to spur economic growth and human, social, and environmental development in the country for the next two decades.

Engineering & Architecture

Task engineering contractor is a Lebanese privately owned company founded by a group of engineers. Since inception Task was able to acquire several projects in the construction industry as general contractors and projects studies, locally and regionally starting Erbil in Iraq and expanding toKSA. Our projects range is from public projects to private ones.

Maya Eltal

Maya Eltal is a Fashion Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant, based in cosmopolitan Beirut. She enjoys styling her celebrity clients as much as her private clients. Edgineers developed her website as a stylish portal for her to reach out to existing and new clients, and fans alike.

Flower Lounge

Le Lilas Flower Lounge offers a wide selection of natural flowers designed in an original way to cater to your needs. These flowers are nicely arranged in bouquets, vases and various decoration styles to fit different budget, taste and occasion.


Ibsin is an online healthcare system providing services to medical practitioners and patients alike. From electronic medical records to online medical appointments, Ibsin aims to improve healthcare and by setting high modern standards that take advantage of the latest technology available.

Home Depot
Home Decoration

Home depot of Lebanon was founded in year 2000, and since then it has been confirmed as one of the most primary patrons in the ceramics and sanitary market. The company is a valuable partner to architects, developers, builders, interior designers as well as to individuals.

Dr. Ghassan Azar

Dr. Azar is a renowned Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist with multiple academic achievements in the field. Edgineers designed and developed his website to help his patients reach him more easily.

Residential Community

Founded by Zahi E. Abou Mansour, R&C (Research & Contracting s.a.r.l.) delivers a broad range of services in the fields of construction, architecture, engineering, interior design, research and real estate development.

Carla’s Good Food
Food & Beverages

Our generation is characterized by the growing role of women in different life aspects. Accordingly, Retrieve Center, in Specialized Medical Center Hospital, Riyadh, KSA has given a special care to women health and beauty. We offer the best plastic and aesthetic services applied by distinguished surgeons and doctors, and our treatments are effective and safe.

Engineering & Architecture

Architecture Engineering Office (AEO) was founded in 1983 as an architecture office for the general advancement of engineering and design. Edgineers designed and developed their website to help showcase their ample portfolio and propel their business into new markets.

We at Edgineers are strong believers in the endless capabilities of the web. That is why we tap into those strengths to allow our customers ease of access to their software, by simple use of a web browser. We specialize in providing professional web services in the areas of web development, web design, e-commerce solutions, content management solutions, search engine optimization and on-line business analysis and consulting. We strive to stay at the cutting edge of technological advancement. We provide our customers with the best tools that fit their needs, continuously iterating over our products as new tech comes to light. We address all organizations / companies to meet their goals, exceed all their expectations, fulfill their needs and empower their employees by supplying them with an online tailored tool that helps them penetrate new market segments locally and globally and increase their revenues.


  • Intelligent research and strategy
  • Cutting edge technology
  • User friendly design
  • Businesses Empowerment
  • Dedication to our clients

The Team

Maida Aboulhosn
Managing Partner
Firas Hamdan
Software Developer / Partner
Chukri Soueidi
Chief Software Developer
Soad Mdawar
Creative Director
Zeinab Bitar
Social Media Strategist / Consultant
Ahmad Nasser
Software Developer
Steve Black
Imaginary team member
Web Presence

Whether it’s a simple website, engagement with clients and management of social media, or discoverability and SEO, we create and handle your web presence so you can reach a wider market segment and sell your image to a wider audience.

Customized Websites

While our competitors are stuck in the past using obsolete technologies, we design and develop websites fit for the future. From design to execution, we deliver fast, mobile-first, responsive websites that harness the power of the cloud to deliver a great user experience for your users.


Our websites are guaranteed to open on all devices equally beautifully, and our unmatched attention to the smallest details will give your potential clients the right first impression to want to do business with you.

Mobile Apps

We develop applications for all the major mobile platforms so that your business stays within pocket reach of your clients. Our apps integrate with your existing website and online systems to deliver a coherent experience for your audience.

Web Products

We develop state of the art systems that are tailored to your business to help increase your productivity. From medical records to inventory tracking to e-commerce and everything in between, we focus on delivering a great user experience and automating mundane tasks so that you could focus on what really makes your business different and successful.


Our web products are custom made to help you with your special needs, and being web-based they allow you to keep an eye on your day to day business wherever you are by simply using a web browser.

Our Clients

We are passionate about our clients’ goals and strive to achieve their objectives. Our passion for achievement

is what drives us and our customers alike.



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